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Cooper Farms Turkey Orders

Cooper Farms of Oakwood, OH, is offering 5 free turkeys to each 4-H/FFA member wishing to exhibit market or breeding turkeys at the Williams County Fair. Turkeys must be picked up on Friday, May 12, between 12:00pm - 4:00 pm at the Extension Office. Bring your own container to transport the poults to your home.  Cooper Farms has also provided for your benefit the Turkey Brooding Guidelines to help you have the most successful chance of raising the newly hatched poults.

If ordering more than the 5 free turkeys, use the order form for quantity and payments must be made when picking up your order by cash or checks that are payable to OSU Extension-Williams County.

1. Order Form  -  due by April 4th

2. Completed Biosecurity Form Turkey Biosecurity Form  - due by April 4th

3. Turkey Brooding Guidelines (preparing the home brooding area to be ready when bringing home the poults) - pick up May 12th from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.




Large Animal Forms

Email all Animal ID, Permission to Participate, and Vaccination Forms to In the Subject Line of the email indicate the type of form and species. Example Swine ID, Sheep Born & Raised, Equine Vaccination, etc. 


Swine Projects- Effective for 2023, the use of Ractopamine is no longer banned in Williams County.

General Livestock Forms Species Forms Equine Forms




Each year a new project book must be purchased unless it states that the book may be used for multiple years.

Market Hog ID

Due June 1 each year.

Ractopamine is no longer banned, no form needed.

Equine ID Form 

Due by June 1st each year.

Equine Permission to Participate

Due by June 1st each year.


Dairy ID forms

Due June 1st 

each year.


Equine Vaccination Form   

Due at or by Horse Measuring (1st Thursday in June)

Vaccines available by Vet at Horse Measuring. Call Office if you want scheduled.


Livestock Lease Agreement

Feeder Calf ID Form

Due June 1st each year.

Feeder Calf Vaccination Form 

.Vaccination due by 8/15. Turn form in at Weigh-In

PAS Out of County Approval Form

Due July 1st

Home Born & Raised Form

(Market Lamb, Beef Feeder, Beef Steer)

Due June 1st each year.

Sheep & Lamb ID Form 

Due June 1 each year.



Goat ID Form

Due June 1 each year.

FFA Livestock Online Enrollment

FFA Crop & Shop Enrollment 

Due August, call the office 419-636-5608.




Dog & Companion Animal Projects.

Dogs Companion Animals
Dog Practice Dates Companion Animal Rules
County Dog Rules Companion Animal Cert. of Vaccination (Cat/Ferret)
Dog ID Summary of Major Dog Changes 
Dog Certificate of Vaccination County Use of Dog OSF Rules
Dog Permission to Participate Companion Animal Project Review Form


Food, Clothing, and Miscellaneous Forms

Food Clothing Self-Determined Other
  Clothing Narration Card Due July 1 # 365 Self Determined Booklet Woodworking Tips
Food Prepared Records Clothing Supplement  # 365 Self Determined Outline Due June 1  
Food Supplement Food & Fashion Board Application    

Cloverbud Resources

Cloverbud Chicken Project Record Book

Cloverbud Rabbit Project Record Book


 The Robotics Project has changed for 2023.  The new project is #509 Robotics Essential Projects and Record Book.  The new Robitics Kit the office rents out is the VEX IQ Small Classroom Kit for a returnable fee if returned undamaged and with all parts.

Here’s the link to the 4-H Robotics page.    On this page is a link to take you to the VEX IQ project page that goes along with the #509 Project Book.  Nole may want to watch the videos related to the pages in the project book.

Here’s the link to the Vex website showing the kit.  You can click through the links to see the parts, poster, and get more information:

For the #509 Robotics, here’s the link to review the first 9 pages of the #509 Project Book:    This book is recommended for LEGO SPIKE and VEX Kits.


Evaluation Forms

Clothing Evaluation Form

Food Evaluation Form

Miscellaneous Evaluation Form