2020 Virtual Project Judging Results

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Video submissions will need to be uploaded to FlipGrid between July 1 and July 14, 2020 at 11:59pm. Videos need to be between 3-10 minutes in length. Videos should not be longer than 10 minutes, as everything after that will get caught off and not be able to be seen by the judge.

4-H members will need to use the correct Grid Category to find their 4-H project name along with the correct age division (based on Jan. 1, 2020). To find out which Grid your 4-H project falls under and to find the correct web address to use, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on #4: Find Your FlipGrid Category & 4-H Project. As July 1 approaches, the passwords will be sent via email so members can upload their video.

For younger 4-H members, if a Project Helper is needed, they can ask the 4-H member questions to prompt them to share information about their project experience. Refer to the 2nd hand-out for more information. The judges will not dock points to the 4-H member who may need someone to ask them questions. 

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, that before youth upload and submit their videos, that each member re-watches their video and checks for good audio. Once the video is submitted, it cannot be changed. If you have a difficult time hearing the demonstration when played back, the judge will also have trouble hearing it.

If a member opts out of submitting a video demonstration, the member has the alternate option (like normal) of having a Club Advisor judge it. Completed score sheets must be submitted by the club advisor to the Extension Office by August 1 for the member to complete the project. (See Williams County Handbook, page 8 for more details.)


Virtual Project Judging Resources

1. Williams County Virtual Judging Score Sheet

2. 4-H Member & Project Helpers' Preparation Guide

3. How to Upload a Video to FlipGrid

4. Short-Version How to Get Started With FlipGrid

5. Find your FlipGrid Category & 4-H Project Once you download this link, you can click specifically on your 4-H project's url and it'll take you directly to your project's grid. Once we email you the password, you'll enter that information. Then be sure to click on the correct Age Divsion for your project, so you upload your video to the correct place. 

5. Virtual Judging Do's & Don'ts Video Link: https://flipgrid.com/s/ec1d4a20c118

Click on "Sample Project Judging Video" and then on the video, "Virtual Judging Do's & Don'ts

6. How to Upload a Video using the FlipGrid website/App. Click on this link to watch the video. https://flipgrid.com/s/73b48e365272