Skillathon Links August 11, 2021


1. Skillathon Links are categorized by both species and the Exhibitors' Age Division.

Junior Age Division-- Jr. Fair Exhibitors who are ages 8-13 as of January 1, 2021 are to select this age division.

Senior Age Division--Jr. Fair Exhibitors who are ages 14-18, as of January 1, 2021 are to select this age division

2. For each specie that a Jr. Fair Exhibitor is showing at the Williams County Fair, a Skillathon for said specie(s) shown, must be completed in order to exhibit that animal. 

3. The purpose of the Skillathon is to gauge the members' knowledge of their livestock project. Therefore it is expected that Jr. Fair exhibitors not cheat while completing this only Skillathon.

4. If youth need assistance with reading questions, that is permitted. Giving answers or looking up answers is not.

5. There is no penalty for low scores, so do your best and don't stress out if you don't know an answer.


Skillathon Links

Beef, Junior:

Beef, Senior:

Dairy, Junior:

Dairy, Senior:

Goats, Junior:

Goats, Senior:

Horse, Junior:

Horse, Senior:

Poultry, Junior:

Poultry, Senior:

Rabbits, Junior:

Rabbits, Senior:

Sheep, Junior:

Sheep, Senior:

Swne, Junior:

Swine, Senior: