2024 Horse Project Information

2024 EquiSTEP - due June 1, 2024

EquiSTEP is a mandatory training for all horse exhibitors and must be completed by June 1, 2024. Find the 2024 EquiSTEP link here: https://cfaesosu.catalog.instructure.com/courses/equistep-2024

Each participant will need their own unique email address and most school email accounts will block messages from outside of the school district.  If a member has previously enrolled in EquiSTEP, they will not need to re-enroll. Upon completion, members will need to print their “Completion Certificate” for proof of completion and include with your 4-H book.  A copy of the certificate will be emailed to the Williams County Extension Office so you will not need to submit one to the office.

Horse Project Information

2024 Horse Project Information Packet

4-H Horse Leasing Guidelines: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/d6/files/Animal_Sciences/horse/HorseLease.pdf

Protective Headgear Rule: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/animal_science/Horse/2018/Protective%20Headgear%20Rule18.pdf

Please see the following information for the recent updates to the Ohio 4-H Horse Program: 

2024 OHIO 4-H Horse Update

The uniform rules have changed. Please call our office to order your copy of the NEW Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows Handbook. 

Horse Measuring and Required Equine Forms - Due June 1, 2024

Please submit the following information to the Extension Office by Saturday, June 1, 2024. Forms may be dropped off, dropped in the dropbox in front of the building, or emailed to schulte.182@osu.edu or macdonald.353@osu.edu.

Forms available by clicking on the form name below:

Equine ID Form

Permission To Participate

Equine Vaccination Form OR vaccinations can be obtained from a veterinarian during horse measuring at the fairgrounds, see below. Call the Extension Office to reserve your vaccines by June 1st at 419-636-5608.

Horse Measuring will take place Thursday, June 6 from 6:30 - 7:30 PM at the Fairgrounds. Vaccines can be obtained from a vet during horse measuring. Call the Extension Office to reserve your vaccine by June 1st at 419-636-5608. 

PAS Horse Show Information

The link to register online for PAS shows in the Maumee Valley EERA is now up and running. Deadline to submit your registration materials is June 1st, but early is on time! Please be sure to select the county PAS shows you plan to attend: Henry, Putnam, Allen, Hancock, OR Fulton. *Maumee Valley EERA 4-H & FFA members include Allen, Defiance, Fulton, Hancock, Henry, Lucas, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, Williams counties. If you are participating in a PAS Show outside of the Maumee Valley EERA, please type in the location in the OTHER box. You will need to follow directions for registering with the shows out of the Maumee Valley EERA. All information will be shared with the Extension Professional, 4-H in your county periodically April-May and final copy in June. 

Forms & Information:

2024 PAS State Fair Qualifications: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/PAS%20Qualifying%20Scores%202024_0.pdf

PAS Horse Show Entry Form Help Sheet: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/4H%20Online%20Horse%20Info%20Upload%20Guide.pdf

PAS Form for Out of County Approval: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/PAS%20OFC%20Approval%20Form%202024.pdf

2024 NORTHWEST OHIO PAS SHOWS & Registration Link 

2024 Performance Against the Standard (PAS) Information Packet with rules, qualifying score and times, dates, patterns, registration forms/links

2024 PAS Patterns: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/2024%20PAS%20Patterns%20.pdf

If you have questions, please contact the Williams County Extension Ofice, 419-636-5608.

Save the date for the Williams County Saddle Club Speed Show - June 7 & 8, 2024!

2024 Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show Schedule: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/JHS%202024%20Schedule%20Final.pdf

Project Book Resources:

Horse Training: How to Talk to Your Horse - https://ohio4h.org/horsetrainingvideos


Due April 30, 2024


For Horse King or Queen, any girl or boy, ages 13 to 18 as of Jan. 1, current year, in 4-H or FFA is eligible per Horse Royalty Rules.

For Prince or Princess, any girl or boy, ages 9 to 12 as of Jan. 1, current year, in 4-H is eligible per Horse Royalty Rules. 

Selected participants will be interviewed on Saturday, May 4 at 10 AM at the Williams County Fairgrounds Horse Barn.

Click on the following link for the rules and application. 

2024 Horse Royalty Application

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